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So many people are nervous at the thought of an upcoming dental visit that a term has been coined for their fear: “dental phobia”. For some, the anxiety is so intense that they risk their oral health by refusing to schedule necessary dentist appointments.

Oatlands Dental Lounge wants you to be completely comfortable and relaxed during treatments, so we offer nervous patients a number of dental sedation options. They include:

  • Oral conscious sedation: With this method, you take medication orally before treatment begins. You will be awake but deeply relaxed.
  • IV sedation: When the sedative is administered intravenous, you enter a ‘twilight’ sleep that diminishes your awareness and causes you to remember little of the treatment.


Dental sedation prevents you from feeling anxious or uncomfortable during the procedure. It is especially useful for patients with a sensitive gag reflex that would otherwise hinder successful treatment.

If you have dental phobia and have a procedure scheduled at Oatlands Dental Lounge, please let us know. Dental sedation, combined with a warm and compassionate approach, will eliminate your anxiety and make you feel more positive about future treatments.


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