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If you have experienced trauma and your tooth has fallen out, but and you’ve managed to reclaim it, see an emergency dentist immediately, as the chances of successfully restoring it decrease over time. While you are waiting for your appointment, do the following:

Your emergency dentist will consider if you can re-implant the tooth and secure it in place with clear plastic or wire, so that it can heal without shifting or loosening. Be sure to follow all dental care instructions provided afterward. However, we must stress that the success rates of this procedure in adults is considerably less than in children.

  • Rinse the tooth with milk or a saltwater solution
  • Attempt to place it back in the socket
  • If reinsertion is successful, hold the tooth in place by biting onto a piece of clean material
  • If you cannot reintroduce the tooth, place it in a container, cover it with milk, and bring it with you to your appointment


If the tooth is lost, or has been extracted; Oatlands Dental Lounge has different restorations to choose from:

  • Dental implants: Implants consist of artificial titanium ‘roots’ that hold a crown in place, creating an attractive and functional replacement for the missing tooth. This restoration is fixed in the mouth.
  • Dental bridges: A bridge is an artificial tooth attached to the teeth surrounding the gap. This restoration is also fixed in the mouth.
  • Partial dentures: These removable appliances are attached to the neighbouring teeth and can be supported by the soft tissue, teeth or both.

Losing a tooth can be a painful and traumatic experience, so if it happens to you, let the compassionate emergency dental team at Oatlands Dental Lounge restore your smile using the best method that applies to your situation, budget, and goals.


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